Emerging Guidelines For Identifying Significant Details In Wedding Planning

The night before Markie Conovers wedding, she found out from her DJ that the photographer wasnt coming, and the couple had to scramble for another, shelling out thousands of more dollars. I was freaking out because I feel like the day of your wedding, the main thing that you have as memories are your photographs, and I may not have that, Conover said. "So it was very stressful. The photographer, Aaron Haskin, declined to go on camera but told KCCI hes faced what he says are personal misfortunes that led to missing two weddings. His website is still active, demonstrating some of his work. He ripped us off, Conover said. Court documents from small claims court show the judge ruled in Conovers favor, but she said theres nothing that can force that payment. Nick Siedelmann has faced the same problem, saying he took Haskin to court after he canceled. But there hasnt been a refund, only a hold check. Weve gone through every channel that we possibly could to go about this legally through small claims through the police department, and its really frustrating that the system itself is broken, Siedelmann said.

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